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Dexter Manley Says Washington Redskins Need More 'Boys From The Hood'

Former Washington Redskins great and quote machine Dexter Manley has seen the team's struggles and has proposed a very reasonable solution. It is ... wait for it.

Wait for it...

More "boys from the hood." Via WTOP:

"You can build a billion-dollar stadium, but you've got to get some boys from the hood," Manley says of what he calls "nasty ballplayers."

"You got to get some bad boys who are going to play football, who are mad, who are mean, who don't care about their reputations. I don't see anyone over at Redskins park like that."

It's exactly the kind of quote someone like Manley would deliver, and it's not exactly wrong. The idea that the Redskins have too many players who care about fame over hard work is one that's been raised by many.

I just hope people realize Manley isn't literally suggesting that Mike Shanahan go door-to-door in Southeast D.C. to find ballplayers.

(HT: DCIst)