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Week 10 NFL Power Rankings: Redskins Stand Pat At No. 22

SB Nation has just come out with the Week 10 edition of their 2011 NFL Power Rankings, and despite a loss to the San Fransisco 49ers on Sunday, the Washington Redskins didn't fall at all. They were ranked 22nd last week, and that's right where they find themselves this week.

I guess this means that the Redskins have hit their basement. Unless they get blown out in the rest of the games and the teams behind them start winning, this is about how bad the Redskins are. They aren't the dregs of the league like the Colts and the Dolphins, but they aren't very good either. They had a very strong start to the season, but they've regressed to the mean, and this is probably more in line with where we all thought they might be before the season began.

The big story overall in these Power Rankings is the emergence of the NFC. The Packers are in first, obviously, but they are followed by the surprising 49ers (remember them?) at No. 2 and the New Orleans Saints at No. 4