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Penn State Scandal: LaVar Arrington Says Image Of Joe Paterno, Entire Program Is 'Shattered'

Former Penn State linebacker LaVar Arrington continues to be one of the few Penn State football alums who have spoken out on the shocking sexual abuse allegations involving Jerry Sandusky and the entire Penn State program. Arrington wrote a blog post and gave an address on his radio show on Monday, then spoke on SportsCenter on Tuesday. However, his most compelling remarks ccame in a Washington Post video on Tuesday.

In the video, Arrington admitted he could not see coach Joe Paterno and the rest of the program in the same way.

"My image of how I was taught and how I was trained is already shattered. Already," he said. "The no names on your back, the plain shoes, the plain uniforms, 'We just come to play,' don't draw any attention to yourself, do things the right way, it's about the program, it's about family, it's about trust -- those things are shattered, no matter what the outcome is."

"My image of those people who pounded that into us and ultimately there are a lot of names on a long list of guys that if they didn't do it exactly that way, they were gone," he continued. "They were no longer even a part of this program. To make the standard so high on your players, and all along, there's this going on behind the scenes, that's a hurt spot."

Arrington also reiterated that the most important focus should be the children that were allegedly abused.

"My reason for being vocal about the whole situation is for it to be a platform for raising awareness about taking care of children. I think that's something that could easily get lost or buried in all the stories with all the other names involved," he said.

To watch the full video, click here.