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Redskins Vs. Patriots: New England Takes 34-27 Lead Into Fourth Quarter

After the final three drives of the first half resulted in field goals for New England and Washington, both teams picked up the offensive firepower in the third quarter, scoring touchdowns on the first three possessions of the quarter. At the end of the quarter, New England had the seven point lead at 34-27. A  Sav Rocca punt at the end of the third was the first punt in nearly two quarters of play.

Tom Brady led a seven play, 60 yard drive to start the half and take a 27-20 lead. Brady hit Rob Gronkowski with a little lob in the middle for the 37 yard score. The 6'6, 265 pound Gronkowski ripped through the tackle of Ryan Kerrigan to break free down the middle of the field. He has five catches for 155 yards and two touchdowns through just three quarters.

Brady added the Pats' second touchdown of the quarter when he hit Wes Welker wide open in the middle of the field for a 24 yard touchdown. Welker beat DeAngelo Hall as he broke the plane. The third quarter also saw Hall throw an official's penalty flag down the field, adding 15 yards to a 5 yard flag for holding Welker.

Brady is 17 of 30 for 314 yard and three touchdowns, and there's still 15 minutes left.

Rex Grossman has had a productive day as well, adding his second touchdown pass of the day in the third. He hit David Anderson for a quick 6 yard touchdown pass. The touchdown ended a ten play 72 yard drive and evened it at 27. Grossman has 200+ yards passing through three quarters, and will have to keep the pressure on New England's secondary in the fourth quarter as the Redskins look to tie it up.

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