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Patriots Vs. Redskins: News Anchor Joked Tom Brady Needed To 'Drop Dead' For Upset To Happen

You know that point in a local newscast where the main anchor tries to say something light-hearted to signal its time for the sports portion of the broadcast to begin. Maybe not, since you don't watch the local news. In any event, that at least sort of explains why FOX 5 weekend anchor Maureen Umeh made the joke in the video below the jump.

Umeh's direct line was: "Not many people gave the Redskins a chance today against Tom Brady and the Patriots, unless of course Tom Brady just fell out dead or something." She immediately said she was just kidding, so obviously she realizes it was a silly thing to say. But then sports director Dave Feldman had to kick the awkwardness up a notch by continuing the joke. So, yeah, there's 40 seconds down the drain.

Also, I'm hoping the phrase "fell out dead" becomes a regular thing.

(via Mister Irrelevant)