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Redskins Vs. Giants: Antrel Rolle, Rex Grossman Exchange Barbs

Anyone remember when New York Giants defensive back Antrel Rolle said that the Giants would beat the Washington Redskins 95 times out of 100 following New York's 28-14 Week 1 loss? Of course you don't, because it happened ages ago. But with the Redskins and Giants set to square off again next Sunday, Rolle's at it again, and this time, he dragged Rex Grossman into the pissing fest.

It started when, on Tuesday, Rolle amended his "95 out of 100" statement to fan the flames even further.

That potentially-combustible quote on Tuesday was brought up to the Giants safety during his weekly radio spot on WFAN. Rolle was given the chance to back away from those comments with the Giants set for the rematch with the Redskins on Sunday at MetLife Stadium.

Did he really say the Giants would beat the Redskins 95 out of 100 times?

"I said ninety-nine,’’ Rolle said.

Noise, I tell you. Just noise. But of course, New York media lives on noise, and so it was only natural for them to ask Grossman what he thought of Rolle's words.

"It is the NFL and nobody is going to beat anyone 99 out of 100 times,’’ Redskins quarterback Rex Grossman said Wednesday on a conference call. "I am confident about where we are. We haven’t finished games lately and we need to finish and everything should take care of itself. I understand that there is a lot of pride in the NFL and a lot of people go about their business with a lot of pride and ego and we do the same thing.’’

Boring, and forced. I know the Redskins and Giants are division rivals, but if the passion's not there, it's just not there. Don't force it.