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LaRon Landry Injury: Mike Shanahan Comments On Move To Injured Reserve

Washington Redskins coach Mike Shanahan confirmed Thursday that safety LaRon Landry will be placed on injured reserve as a result of injuries to his Achillies' tendon and groin.

"I talked to LaRon earlier today and he felt that it was quite sore," Shanahan told Redskins public relations. "He’s been trying to push it, trying to get back the last couple of weeks and thought it was in his best interest to go on IR. Usually what’s in a player’s best interest is usually what’s in our best interest, so we’re going to put him on IR and hopefully he can get that thing well."

Shanahan said Landry's timetable for a return at this point remains unclear and that the team will seek a few more opinions before deciding a course of action for the veteran.

The coach noted Landry's tendon is not torn, but that he'll likely need surgery at the end of the season to fix the injury.

As the Redskins prepare to face the New York Giants on Sunday, Shanahan just hopes Landry can regain his form of early last season, before he went down with a similar injury, and get back on the field soon.

"I think he would have been Defensive Player of the Year [last year]." Shanahan told Redskins public relations. "But he hasn’t been able to stay healthy and hopefully he can get it fixed." 

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