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Week 15 NFL Picks: Jacksonville Jaguars Will Cover Against Atlanta Falcons

Normally, I run a picks column on this site every Friday, but with the NFL having Thursday games, one game each week always is outdated. To rectify that, we're going to run my pick for Thursday night's game between the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Atlanta Falcons separately here. Tune in tomorrow morning for all of the rest of the picks.

Now, without further ado, my pick for this epic Jaguars-Falcons tilt.

Jacksonville Jaguars at Atlanta Falcons (-13.5): I know why this line is so high. I get it. The Falcons need the win, the Jaguarss have nothing to play for, yada yada. I understand all this. But Atlanta is maddeningly inconsistent and that is a lot of points. Matt Ryan and Co. win the game, but not by two touchdowns. Pick: Jaguars.

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