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NFC East Standings Update: Cowboys Have Tenuous Hold On First Place, Redskins In Fourth

With the Washington Redskins defeat of the New York Giants, it has pushed the 8-6 Dallas Cowboys into sole possession of first place in the NFC East division. The Giants loss hasn't totally knocked them out of the playoffs, but they now depend on lots of help and will need to win out. The Philadelphia Eagles hold at third place, but there's still a chance the Redskins can over take them and get out of the cellar.


  1. Dallas Cowboys, 8-6, 2-2 Division
  2. New York Giants, 7-7, 2-3 Division
  3. Philadelphia Eagles, 6-8, 3-1 Division
  4. Washington Redskins, 4-9, 2-3 Divion
Oddly enough the Eagles have the best record in division play, being 3-1 in NFC East match ups. The Redskins close out the 2011 NFL season against the Philadelphia Eagles on the road, which could very well be a match up to determine who will be the cellar dweller in the East, something the Redskins have been for the past three seasons.

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