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Week 15 NFL Scores And Results: Giants Take A Devastating Playoff Hit Thanks To Redskins

It was a good week for all of the NFC East teams, except for one team. The New York Giants took a big hit to their playoff hopes thanks to the Washington Redskins.

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For the most part, it was a good week for the NFC East division as the teams as a whole came away with a 3-1 record. The problem however, is the one team who lost took a massive blow to their playoff hopes.

Washington 23, New York (Giants) 10: In a game that the Giants really needed to win to help out their playoff chances, they were dominated by their NFC East rival. The Redskins were able to do just enough offensively and take advantage of the three interceptions by quarterback Eli Manning. The Skins defense showed up in a dominant way and they were able to deal a massive blow to a rivals playoff chances.

Philadelphia 45, New York (Jets) 19: With the return of Michael Vick, the Eagles offense looked like what everyone expected it to be before the 2011 season started. The Eagles were able to score 28 unanswered points by the middle of the second quarter, essentially putting the game out of reach. In Vick's return, he threw for 274 yards and a touchdown, also picking up another touchdown on the ground. The Eagles defense finally made a stand, holding the Jets to just 241 yards of total offense.

Dallas 31, Tampa Bay 15: The Dallas Cowboys now hold sole possession of first place in the NFC East with the win over the Bucs and the Giants loss. Quarterback Tony Romo pounced on a reeling Bucs team, scoring four touchdowns before halftime, three in the air and one on the ground. The Cowboys defense stifled the Bucs offense, allowing just 190 yards of total offense and making the Bucs completely one-dimensional.

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