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VIDEO: Clinton Portis On His Characters, His Stripper Pole And Falling In 'Love'

Former Washington Redskins running back Clinton Portis made the ESPN rounds on Tuesday, doing a bunch of radio and TV shows. What was shaping up to be a revival of the great "Transcription Tuesday" series for beat writers (Portis used to have a radio segment every Tuesday during which he was bound to say something interesting or off-color) instead was mostly Portis delivering boring platitudes. I blame ESPN.

The only exception was when Portis joined Dan LeBetard Is Highly Questionable, ESPN's new show at 4 p.m. on weekdays. Here, we got an actual glimpse of the old Portis.

There are two great moments in this video. First, LeBetard asks Portis to talk as "Dolla Bill," one of his many characters. Portis obliges, and then LeBatard asks him to explain the stripper pole Portis had in his house. Portis, excuse me, "Dolla Bill," does just that.

The second one is when LeBatard's father asks Portis about falling in love. Portis immediately laughs, then tries to recover by giving a sappy answer. Too late. LeBatard, realizing Portis has showed his hand, asked Portis about the first time he was excited about a woman. Portis' answer included the following line.

"The first time i was excited about a woman," he said, "I knew right then i had a serious addiction."

Dollar Bill would be proud.

(via Hogs Haven).