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2012 NFL Draft Order Scenarios: Projecting Where Washington Redskins May Pick

If the NFL season ended today, the Washington Redskins would have the seventh pick in the 2012 NFL Draft. Of course, the season does not end today; it instead ends next week. Where will the Redskins ultimately end up in the 2012 NFL Draft order? Here's our best attempt to answer that question.

First, the current order:

  1. Indianapolis Colts: 2-13
  2. St. Louis Rams: 2-13
  3. Minnesota Vikings: 3-12
  4. Jacksonville Jaguars: 4-11
  5. Cleveland Browns: 4-11
  6. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 4-11
  7. Washington Redskins: 5-10
  8. Miami Dolphins: 5-10
  9. Carolina Panthers: 6-9
  10. Buffalo Bills: 6-9
  11. Kansas City Chiefs: 6-9

The Redskins are out of contention for the top three picks. However, if things break right, the Redskins could surge to as high as No. 4. Why? Strength of schedule, which is the first tiebreaker. Here is the current strength of schedule of the teams near the Redskins:

  • Tampa Bay: 55.1 percent
  • Cleveland: 53 percent
  • Buffalo: 51.7 percent
  • Kansas City: 51.6 percent
  • Miami: 51.4 percent
  • Carolina: 50.8 percent
  • Jacksonville: 50.4 percent
  • Washington: 46.9 percent

The Redskins are far and away the worst of that group, which means that if they lose and the Jaguars, Browns and Buccaneers all win, the Redskins would likely vault up to No. 4. It also means that if the Redskins win, the worst they would likely finish is No. 8 if the Dolphins win.

Here are the Week 17 matchups worth watching.

  • Redskins at. Eagles (7-8)
  • Buccaneers at Falcons (9-5)
  • Jaguars vs. Colts (2-13)
  • Browns vs. Steelers (11-4)
  • Dolphins vs. Jets (8-7)

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