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NFL Power Rankings, Week 17: Washington Redskins Fall After Loss To Minnesota Vikings

The Redskins fell again in this week's NFL Power Rankings after a loss to the lowly Vikings.

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The Washington Redskins took yet another fall in the Week 17 NFL Power Rankings after a 33-26 loss to the Minnesota Vikings. SB Nation's Joel Thorman moved the Redskins down one spot after the loss, placing them at No. 26 in the league.

26. Washington Redskins (5-10, LW: 25): Right when you think a team is making progress....they lose to one of the worst teams in the league. Where does that put Washington?

The league's other 5-10 team, the Miami Dolphins, were ranked No. 22 by Thorman, ahead of several teams with better records. The Redskins weren't ranked lower than any four-win teams, but No. 26 is still very low.

The Vikings, meanwhile, moved up to No. 28 with the victory. As for other NFC East teams, the New York Giants are No. 11, the Dallas Cowboys are No. 12 and the Philadelphia Eagles are at No. 18.

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