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Pro Bowl 2012 Snubs: London Fletcher Tops List Of Players Who Belong In Game

The Washington Redskins will not be represented by anyone at the 2012 Pro Bowl, but many feel that linebacker London Fletcher should have been given that right. You can add Matt Bowen of National Football Post to that long list, as Fletcher tops Bowen's list of 2012 Pro Bowl snubs.

The Redskins’ MLB is productive, accountable and continues to play the Mike Backer position as good as any player in this league. 193 tackles, 2 sacks, 2 INTs and 3 forced fumbles. Those are Pro Bowl numbers for a player that stands out each and every time you turn on the tape. No question I would have selected Fletcher over the BearsBrian Urlacher.

Several teammates and media members came to Fletcher's defense on Tuesday, saying he belonged in the game. Fletcher's stats are more impressive than Urlacher's, but Urlacher's reputation and the Redskins' losing ways helped contribute to Fletcher's snub.

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