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Can The Redskins Win Without Trent Williams, Fred Davis?

The Washington Redskins lost two of the young offensive playmakers on Sunday when Trent Williams and Fred Davis were suspended for the last four games of the year. Davis had been the only consistent receiving threat all year while Williams continued to show some flashes. They might not be the best players in the NFL, but Dan Daly of the Washington Times wonders if the Redskins can win another game without them.

It only figures to get more frustrating — if not dangerous — for Grossman in the weeks ahead. With Rex playing more sanely and Helu emerging as an every-down back, the offense had begun to show a pulse in the loss to Dallas and the come-from-behind win at Seattle. But now you have to wonder whether the Redskins have seen their last Victory Monday this season, whether they’re on a Streetcar Named 4-12. Even 2-10 Minnesota and nose-diving Philadelphia might be too much for them in their depleted state.

The offense was hitting a little bit of a stride, relatively speaking I suppose, so the losses of the most important offensive lineman and the best receiving threat will certainly hurt them drastically.