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Vincent Gray Wants The Redskins Back In D.C.

It seems really unlikely that the Washington Redskins would be able to find a new practice facility within the city limits of Washington D.C., but city politicians keep talking like it's possible, so maybe there's something to it. The latest quote comes from D.C. mayor Vincent Gray, who said this to Larry Michael on Redskins Nation:

"We are certainly very, very interested in the team coming back [to Washington, D.C.]," Gray said. "We focused a lot on the training facility because we have this kind of oddity where we are the Washington Redskins that play their games in Maryland and practice in Virginia."

Gray later said they are "working on" bringing the team back, citing a recent trip to visit the Tampa Bay facility as an example of this progress. There's not a ton of land available for a facility, but you never know. Where there's smoke, there's fire. Or something like that.