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2011 NFL Draft: Good NFL Teams Select Linemen Early In The Draft; The Redskins Don't

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Winning teams invest in their offensive and defensive lines. The Redskins don't agree with that philosophy.

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As a pessimistic Washington sports fan, I spent most of Monday morning doing what I do every Monday morning. I was mad about the Redskins. I was furious about the Pro Bowl, specifically the meaninglessness of the game and the fact that the Redskins had statistically the WORST defense in the league, yet had three players running around in Honolulu. The chest thumping from delusional fans over the performances from DeAngelo Hall and Brian Orakpo in a meaningless game. I was severally annoyed.

Luckily, all of my grievances would be forgotten once I read an article on Fat Pickled. Issues that I had not even considered were being discussed, and they were troubling:

The Redskins haven't drafted a true DE before the 7th round during the Dan Snyder era (2000-2010). They‘ve also neglected to draft a DT before the 5th round, your list:

DE Jackson 7th rd 2008
DT Montgomery 5th 2005
DT Golston 6th 2005
DE Greg Scott 7th 2002 (who)
DT Monds 6th 2004
DT Cowsette 7th 2000

Want a stat that will blow your mind?? Consider this: The above list of DE/DT's drafted in the last 11 years have produced 11.5 sacks. The DB's the Redskins have drafted during that time have 12.5 sacks! (Tryon, Horton, Landry, Doughty, Taylor & Lott)

It has been pointed out that the Redskins selected Jeremy Jarmon  with a supplemental draft pic, but you get the gist. The lunacy of these numbers took a while to sit in. The defensive backs have more sacks that the defensive lineman.  I feel like I'm taking crazy pills. As we all know there will be a draft this year, regardless of what happens with the CBA. The Redskins have several personal issues they need to address this year, and the notion that they just WON'T is alarming. The Redskins hate drafting linemen. They HATE it.  When they do it, it certainly is on the first day of the draft. Read this little tidbit comparing the drafting habits of multiple Super Bowl winners to that of the Redskins:

One final stat, let's compare the Redskins total amount of OL/DL's drafted in the first 4 rounds of the draft from 2000-2010 vs. the 3 teams that have won multiple Super Bowls.

Patriots - 16
Steelers - 15
Colts - 10
Redskins - 3

I see that you? More importantly do the Redskins?

I suggest you read the whole article over on Fat Pickled, though only if you like being angry. I invite you to tuck those numbers away so when some kool aid drinker is screaming and yelling about Chris Samuels and Jon Jansen, you can help coax him back to reality. The truth is the Redskins have not invested their best picks in the two most important groups on their team: Offensive and Defensive line.

I wrote a piece for this site a week ago claiming the Redskins need a franchise quarterback.  The winning formula in the NFL is draft a talented quarterback in the first round and build around him. I still think the Redskins should take a page out of the book the Falcons, Ravens and Packers have written. None of it matters though if they don't stop ignoring the lines.  

The only constant with Redskins teams from 2000-2010 is Dan Snyder. We all know that. We must assume that he has had influence on who is drafted where. If he is truly in his office waiting to see what Mike Shanahan and Bruce Allen do next, perhaps there is hope.

What is known is that the teams winning Super Bowl draft lineman in the first four rounds, and for some reason, the Redskins don't. Maybe this is the year that changes and I can stop being so mad on Monday mornings.