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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Cam Newton Impresses At Private Media Workout

Cam Newton held his long-awaited media-only workout in San Diego on Thursday, and by all accounts, he wowed everyone there. Most of the members in attendance that were impressed were writers without any professional playing experience, but one that wasn't was ESPN NFL analyst Trent Dilfer. 

What did Dilfer think of Newton's performance? Via Bruce Feldman, he called it "phenomenal" and said that if scouts saw it, they would be "drooling."  

Feldman, for his part, said that he "can't imagine" any prospect shining in an individual setting more brightly than Newton did on Thursday. Private quarterbacks coach George Whitfield, who has been working with Newton since the season ended, said he wanted to conduct the workout to provide viewers a "snapshot" of Newton's development.

"Cam's whole feeling was there have been other big-time quarterbacks -- [Tim] Tebow, Vince Young -- that have come out, and there has been so much mystery around the offense they played in, their mechanics and, 'How is this stuff going to translate?' Cam just said to himself, 'Not me. I'm going to come right out front and center,'"