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Albert Haynesworth Turns Himself In After Alleged Road Rage Incident

Albert Haynesworth has officially turned himself into police after an alleged road rage incident in Fairfax last week. This means that he has officially been charged with simple assault, according to CSN's Chick Hernandez.

The alleged incident occurred in the morning on Wednesday, February 2. Haynesworth's truck was trailing a car too closely on the Farifax County Parkway. When he stopped next to the car at a red light, the man gestured towards him, causing Haynesworth to step out of his car. Haynesworth then allegedly struck the man. 

Haynesworth was widely expected to turn himself in to police, so this latest development is hardly a surprise. However, Haynesworth's agent, Chad Speck, denied that his client struck the man

Haynesworth is expected to appear in Farifax County Criminal Court on March 31, according to CSN Washington. The maximum sentence for misdemeanor simple assault in Virginia is no more than a year in jail and no more than a $2,500 fine.