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Brandon Banks Incident Reportedly Sparked By A Joke

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As the day as gone on, more details have emerged about just exactly how the Brandon Banks stabbing incident went down. 

Sam Chamberlain of reported that a witness described how the incident started on her personal blog:

Jasmine Henderson, who was at the Park yesterday, heard from more than one witness that the dispute started with a joke from Banks about the suspect’s decision to wear white after Labor Day.

"It was during the let out—the club was over, obviously—and the guy from the Redskins was outside with his friend and, from what folks are telling me, [Banks] made a comment about the guy wearing all white," says Henderson, a blogger who reported on the incident on her site, "It was like a little harmless joke--I don’t even think he said it loudly, but it was loud enough for [the suspect] to hear it. They went back and forth, security was involved initially, and stopped it, and then they started fighting again, and the guy started stabbing [Banks and his friend]."

So it seems that the entire incident may have been sparked by a simple joke about what someone was wearing on that particular night. 

Chamberlain also reports that Banks and his friend may have never even stepped foot inside the club, as the entire incident took place on the sidewalk as the club was closing. 

Banks is still recovering from his wounds in a D.C. hospital while his friend is still in critical condition from the stab wounds.