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Brandon Banks To Be Released From Hospital In 24 Hours Following Stabbing

Brandon Banks' agent James Gould just released a statement regarding the status of his client, who received superficial knife wounds following a stabbing outside a D.C. nightclub early Saturday morning. Banks remains in the hospital for precautionary reasons, but will be released in the next 24 hours, according to Gould.

"In response to the well wishes, many calls and concerns for Brandon Banks, he still remains in a local hospital for precautionary reasons and is expected to be released within 24 hours. He would like to thank everyone again for their concerns."    

A previous report indicated Banks had already been released from the hospital, but that has proven to be incorrect.

Banks suffered the wounds when he and a friend were stabbed outside The Park, a nightclub on 14th Street in Northwest. Banks' friend, Christopher Nixon, was more severely injured and required surgery. The whole incident reportedly stemmed from a joke Banks made about the perpetrator's white clothing.