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The Redskins Should Cut Albert Haynesworth Right Now

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The Redskins need to get over themselves and cut Albert Haynesworth before he can do any more damage to the image of their organization.

I don't care about compensation. I don't care how much money Albert Haynesworth will have gifted. I don't care if he goes to the Eagles and racks up eight sacks in two games against Washington next year.

I want this monstrous, cash sucking, cardiovascular disaster off our team. Just like Phillip Daniels, I want to stop hearing his name. I don't want him representing my team, my city or any other aspect of my life. The latest, as I'm sure you already know, is right here.

Albert Haynesworth has been accused of sexual assault by a waitress at the W Hotel in Washington D.C. after an incident in which Haynesworth allegedly caressed the waitresses' breast, according to a police report obtained by NBC Washington.

The incident occurred at 1:30 a.m. Sunday morning when Haynesworth was paying his tab at the W Hotel, according to the report.

Look, we all know athletes can be targeted by scandalous people. Money-driven vultures look for opportunities to prey on those with more in all aspects of our society. That being said, I don't care anymore.

Is there enough ink in a pen to chronicle all the issues that this one man has brought to the Washington Redskins? When he's not out driving around punching people (allegedly), he's failing conditioning tests because he has to take a dump. When he's not stepping on players heads, he's laying down in the MIDDLE OF THE FOOTBALL FIELD! Remember that Redskins fans? Remember when the entire nation had fun pointing and laughing at a man we signed to a seven-year, $100 million deal? Here, I'll jog your memory!

Look! A cute little video remix! Cute, except for the fact that this man generates more bad publicity for Washington, D.C. than any politician possibly could.

How STUPID does this team look? How ignorant? Mike Shanahan is very bold when it comes to wide receivers and washed-up running backs, so where is the hammer of justice when it comes to the biggest social pariah in the history of this franchise? Every time I see "Redskins" trending nationally on Twitter, it's because this miscreant has found yet another way to shame the team that offered him more money than ANYONE else would.

Where is the humanity in this person? Why hasn't Albert Haynesworth boarded himself up inside a shack? He should sit on a five-gallon bucket until he is delivered his ticket to Detroit, or Philly or whatever buffoonish city is willing to take this burden off our hands. Why is he even allowing himself to see the light of day? Have some self respect, man!

I don't want to hear the same tired argument defending this lout either. You know the ones. That the Redskins are really to blame for all this. That Mike Shanahan is to blame for his mishandling of the situation. Of COURSE the Redskins made a mistake bringing this clown here. Of COURSE Shanahan mishandled the whole ordeal. That does not forgive personal and professional accountability. Albert Haynesworth will be 30 by the time summer rolls around. That is a grown-ass man. You were given an enormous amount of money to work for a company, Albert. You have responded with poor work ethic, poorer off the field decisions and complaining. YOU have made this bed and now we all have to sleep in it.

Where I will hold the Redskins accountable is that this man still has a place on this roster. Cut him. Don't hold out for picks, don't try let things "cool off," Bruce Allen. Cut him and get him out of here. The general manager said this a while back and I disagree with it 100 percent:

"We were hopeful that he was gonna help the team win, and we remain hopeful that he can help the team win," Allen said. "Obviously, we went through a difficult time with the suspension.

"But when we make those decisions, we understand that there's a human being involved besides just the player. Hopefully, if we give it some time to breathe, maybe we can come back with a fresh outlook on it."

The only thing that is breathing is the life out of this team. We are national jokes; punching bags for snarky, unfunny bloggers and bad sports talk radio. Enough is enough. Get him off this team and out of this town.

He wants to play in Philly? Who cares? Let him go. He wants play for the Dallas Cowboys? Call and arrange the U-Haul. I don't care what Albert Haynesworth does with the rest of his life, just as long as he's not doing it in my town. Stop thinking you are smarter than everyone, Redskins and get rid of this blight on the D.C. landscape once and for all.