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Jim Zorn Becomes Kansas City Chiefs Quarterbacks Coach

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Former Redskins coach Jim Zorn has a new job, and it's not with a team you probably expected. A little more than two weeks after the Baltimore Ravens fired him as quarterbacks coach because of something as silly as "insubordination," Zorn has hooked on with the Kansas City ChiefsThe team announced that he will become its quarterbacks coach, which means he'll be working closely with Matt Cassel.


Zorn spent one year in Baltimore, where he helped Joe Flacco have one of his best years. However, he never seemed to be on the same page as offensive coordinator Cam Cameron, and was eventually fired in late January. It eventually came out that Cameron didn't like Zorn's teaching methods and was worried he would become "insubordinate" if he continued to be with the team. Flacco spoke out against that silliness, defending Zorn and saying he was "not happy" he was let go.


But all that drama is meaningless now. Zorn is with Kansas City, where he'll likely improve Cassel's performance from mediocre to better, but still not good enough.