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Joe Gibbs Tells A Dexter Manley Story Instead Of Commenting On Albert Haynesworth

As a Redskins fan, you were probably wondering what legendary coach Joe Gibbs had to say about the latest Albert Haynesworth drama. Would he have been able to put up with No. 92? Should the team cut him immediately, as Chad Dukes suggested

Unfortunately, we didn't get to hear any answers to those questions in Gibbs' 15-minute interview with "The Mike Wise Show" on 106.7 The Fan. The interview mostly focused on the beginning of the NASCAR season, but near the end, Wise did get a chance to ask Gibbs about Haynesworth, noting that Gibbs had to deal with his own outspoken defensive player in Dexter Manley. Instead of provide an opinion on Haynesworth, Gibbs decided to tell a story about Manley.

(Audio to the interview is here).

"Dexter shot his mouth off when we're playing the 49ers. [Joe] Montana had the back surgery, so Dexter made the comment before the game, 'I'm going to clock him.' That was his statement," Gibbs said.

"Well, the opening two plays of the game, they put the tight end on the sideline, he went in motion 25 yards down his side and just killed Dexter, knocked him all the way up to the center. The next play, the tight end stood up in place and the tackle killed him. So when he came to the sideline, I looked at him and I said, 'Okay, there you go. That's what you get.' Of course, you couldn't discourage Dexter."

Gibbs was laughing at this point. Earlier, he described what it was like to be a coach and wait for Manley to say something ridiculous.

"I used to look out at that little window and look out at the press talking to the players, and there would be Dexter talking away, and I'd be looking out the window, and every so often, he'd look up at me and there's be a big ol' smile, and I'd go, 'Okay, we're in trouble. He's getting ready to say something.'"

And just like that, the question was avoided. But at least we got a funny Dexter Manley story out of it. Those are always fun.

Gibbs also commented on the impending NFL lockout and why he was able to have so much success in strike-shortened years ("I always told the players: stay together. Do not cross that line. Whatever we do here, we need to do it together"), and said that NASCAR is just like the NFL. Well, sort of. 

"Drivers, who are just like quarterbacks. Crew chiefs, who are just like coaches. You have owners on both sides. The only mistake I made is becoming an owner because now I have to pay for everything."