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NFL Free Agency: San Diego Chargers Apply Franchise Tag To Vincent Jackson

A possible Washington Redskins target in free agency this winter (assuming there is, in fact, an NFL season next year) has been taken off the market. The San Diego Chargers have placed the franchise tag on wide receiver Vincent Jackson, essentially ensuring he will remain with the team.

The Chargers applied a non-exclusive franchise player tag on Jackson, which means he will receive a one-year contract equal to the average salary of the top five wide receivers in the NFL. He may negotiate with other teams, but if anyone chooses to sign him, the Chargers have the option of matching the contract or receiving draft picks in return.

Jackson's free agency year was ruined because the NFL went to an uncapped year last season, and now, he is off the market again. Had he been available, he may have drawn interest from the Redskins, who need a big-play threat at wide receiver even if they choose to re-sign Santana Moss