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Brandon Banks Has Chest Tube Inserted, Will Remain In Hospital After Stabbing

It seems clear now that Brandon Banks suffered much more than "superficial knife wounds" after being involved in a double stabbing outside a D.C. nightclub early Saturday morning. Banks agent told NBC's Lindsay Czarniak that Banks had a chest tube inserted and will remain in the hospital.

Brandon Banks agent: Banks has chest tube inserted. Likely not to leave hospital tonight. 

Agent James Gould later told the same thing to Grant Paulsen of 106.7 The Fan, adding that he is remaining in the hospital until he is "100 percent" healthy. When asked to juxtapose the latest news with previous reports about Banks' injuries, Gould said that Banks' friend suffered worse injuries and that a chest tube "isn't uncommon."

Gould: Insertion of a tube isn't uncommon after a stabbing. Don't "read too much" into it. He says Banks "will be fine." Will be home soon.    

Banks and his friend were attacked outside of the D.C. nightclub The Park on Saturday morning. Initial reports suggested the incident stemmed from a joke Banks made, but later reports indicated it was because Banks and his friend were upset they were denied entry into the club