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Brandon Banks Had Chest Tube Inserted To Prevent A Collapsed Lung, According To Report

We mentioned earlier that Brandon Banks' injuries stemming from a double stabbing early Saturday morning were more serious than they appeared. How serious? A chest tube needed to be inserted to prevent Banks' lung from collapsing, Redskins athletic trainer Larry Hess told Mike Jones of the Washington Post.

Hess spoke through team spokesperson Tony Wyllie, who was unaware of the reports from Banks' agent James Gould that Banks needed the chest tube. In fact, Wyllie needed to hang up and call Jones back to get more information himself. Jones reports that Banks' family has been reluctant to give out the details of Banks' injury, which explains the discrepancy.

Gould said that Banks will not be released until Wednesday at the earliest and that the doctors will be especially cautious.

"He has a knife wound and a tube in his chest," Gould said. "And with that tube, he's had repeated X-rays. I do know that today's X-rays were good, so I'd expect him to be released very soon. There's no sense in rushing. Taking all of the necessary precautions is very important because knife wounds are dangerous. He was knifed in the chest."    

The incident occurred outside The Park, a nightclub on 14th Street Northwest. Gould denied reports that Banks and his friend, who also remains in the hospital, instigated the fight.