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Brandon Banks Still Needs Chest Tube Until Friday, May Need Procedure On Lung After Stabbing

Once again, Brandon Banks' injuries stemming from a double stabbing on Saturday morning outside a D.C. nightclub appear to be more serious than originally anticipated. Banks' agent James Gould just released a statement saying that the knife "nicked" his lung, and a chest tube will have to remain until Friday at the earliest. 

Brandon is doing fine; he has been moved to Virginia Hospital Center in Arlington, under the care of Redskins team physician, Dr. Anthony Casolaro. The knife nicked his lung creating a pneunomothorax condition. He still has a chest tube inserted and it will remain until the wound heals and the lung remains inflated.    

More commonly, this is known as having a collapsed lung.

Gould said that if the lung does not improve by Friday, Banks will have to have "a commonly performed procedure using a scope." The plan is for Banks to resume his offseason training in "two to four" weeks. He added that they were "hopeful" that he would be healed by last Monday, but the lung still remained deflated.

Banks and a friend were stabbed early Saturday morning outside The Park, a club on 14th Street in Northwest. Reports conflict on whether Banks and his friend started the altercation, with the latest one suggesting he did.