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Washington Redskins Unlikely To Have Training Camp At George Mason

The Washington Redskins have talked about moving their training camp to George Mason University next season, but as of now, that looks unlikely. The school has indicated that, as of right now, it does not think it will be able to provide the necessary facilities by next August.

George Mason athletic director Tom O'Connor released the following statement, via

"Bruce Allen and his staff have been terrific through the preliminary process as they evaluate George Mason University as a possible training camp site. As a result of the current situation, at this time we cannot provide the Redskins organization with certainty that all the necessary facilities will be available during the time needed this August.

"We hope to continue the relationship and potentially bring the Washington Redskins to the campus in the future."

Bruce Allen also released a statement saying the Redskins will continue to work with George Mason for a "future partnership." It remains unclear where the Redskins will hold training camp next season, but Allen said that would be announced when a decision is made.