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2011 NFL Mock Draft: In Depth Profile Of Nevada QB Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick is one of the quarterback prospects that the Redskins might target if they go somewhere else with the tenth overall selection. Mocking the Draft has a full profile on the mobile quarterback from Nevada.

When it comes to athletic ability Kaepernick is right up there with the likes of Cam Newton.  However, like Cam he struggles with the fundamentals of playing quarterback.  His abilities will intrigue a team and might lead to an earlier than expected selection.  But he is going to need time to develop as his technique is far from NFL ready.  Ultimately, Kaepernick is a player with a ton of upside but legitimate question marks.

The main concern with kaepernick is that his release takes way too long for the NFL. He is very tall and has long arms, so part of that problem is just the time it takes to move a football that distance. But there have been plenty of players who have struggled in the NFL because the pace of the game makes it hard to succeed with a slow delivery.

But Kaepernick is an intriguing option in one of the later rounds, especially if Mike Shanahan likes a quarterback that can move around in the pocket a little bit.