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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Is USC OL Tyron Smith A Good Fit For The Redskins?

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Our NFL Draft blog, Mocking The Draft, says that Tyron Smith should be drafted in the top ten. The Redskins need help along the offensive line and have the tenth overall selection. It seems like it should be a pretty good fit. So let's learn a little bit more about Smith, the slender tackle with enormous potential.

I am sure everyone has heard that the NFL continues to move to  more of a passing league and in order to be successful you need a star quarterback and someone to protect him.

The Redskins definitely don't have the star quarterback in place that they need to be successful, but building an offensive line before you bring that player in is a good way to keep him healthy before (if ever) he arrives.

Smith is considered small for an elite tackle, but he has a big frame and should be able to add weight throughout his career. I know, it's hard to imagine that any human being that weighs 290+ lbs is underweight, but I'll try to wrap my mind around it. Smith just turned 20-years-old and is a lot stronger than he looks.

If they take Smith, and he turns into the front side tackle that he has the potential to become, the Redskins can put him opposite Trent Williams and have the tackle situation all but figured out for the foreseeable future. That would be a situation that the Redskins are pretty familiar with.