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Brandon Banks Released From Hospital Seven Days After Double Stabbing

We have finally received a touch of good news regarding Brandon Banks' condition following a double-stabbing outside a D.C. nightclub last Saturday morning. Banks has officially been released from the hospital, agent James Gould told Lindsay Czarniak of NBC.

Agent: Brandon Banks wil be released today. Chest tube removed, lung fully re-inflated. 3-4 wks recovery    

Banks had been in the hospital since the incident occurred. Initially, his injuries did not appear to be serious, but it later came out that he had a collapsed lung and needed to have a chest tube inserted. He was initially supposed to leave the hospital earlier in the week, but was instead transferred to another hospital.

Banks and a friend were stabbed outside The Park, a nightclub on 14th Street in Northwest. It remains unclear how the altercation started, with Banks' agent denying Banks' culpability and other reports indicating Banks started the fight.