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Dan Snyder Not Calling For Dave McKenna's Job, According To Team

Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder is indeed moving forward with a lawsuit against the Washington City Paper for a November 19 cover story by Dave McKenna detailing dozens of Snyder's failings as an owner and person. However, the team contends that Snyder is not calling for McKenna to be fired, contrary to the initial report in the Washington Post.

Tony Wylie, the team's Senior vice president, and David Donovan, the team's chief operating officer, confirmed to Chris Russell of ESPN 980 that the suit against the City Paper will be filed tomorrow. However, both stressed that Snyder is not calling for McKenna himself to be terminated. 

Just talked w/ #Redskins SVP Tony Wyllie & COO Dave Donovan: "Dan's never asked for anyone ever to be fired." in resposne to WAPO headline    

This is contrary to yesterday's Washington Post story, which said the following:

Snyder has objected to the article that detailed some of his controversial actions as team owner and other reports about him in the weekly publication, and has threatened legal action against the newspaper. He also is seeking the dismissal of the article's author, staff writer Dave McKenna.    

The article in question is title "The Cranky Redskins Fan Guide To Dan Snyder," and it details a number of his transgressions, with several entries for each letter of the alphabet. The Redskins feel the story contains a number of lies and are suing the paper for defamation.