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NFL Free Agency: Free Safety OJ Atogwe Visits Redskins Park

The Redskins are hosting a potential free agent acquisition at Redskins Park today, in former St. Louis Rams safety OJ Atogwe.

Confirmed: Free Safety OJ Atogwe is visiting #Redskins Park today. He's a 29yo, 6-yr vet. FS is a major need. He played for Haslett in STL.less than a minute ago via web

Atogwe would be a good fit for the Redskins, as he would be able to mask some of the coverage deficiencies of LaRon Landry. Atogwe has 18 interceptions in the last four seasons, with a career high eight coming in 2007. While Landry plays like a linebacker at safety, Atogwe really plays like more of a corner. In theory, they would fit very well together in the defensive secondary.

The Redskins will be able to sign Atogwe, regardless of the state of the CBA, because he was released by his former team. Had his contract simply expired, the Redskins would have had to wait until a new CBA was finalized to make an offer. We'll see if the Skins make an offer while Atogwe is at Redskins Park today, or if they aren't ready to bring him into the fold. But we all know how Dan Snyder gets when he sees something he wants. Stay tuned.