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NFL Free Agency: Donovan McNabb's Status To Be Decided After The NFL Draft, Says Mike Shanahan

During Mike Shanahan's media address at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis, he addressed several key Redskins questions as they enter the offseason. One such question is the future of Donovan McNabb, who was benched for the final part of the 2010 regular season. Shanahan said he has spoken to McNabb's agent, Fletcher Smith, and will likely wait until after the 2011 NFL Draft to decide McNabb's fate.

Via Albert Breer of the NFL Network:

Shanahan said he talked with Fletcher Smith, Donovan McNabb's agent, two days ago for an hour-and-a-half. Says decision will come post-draft    

Shanahan also discussed the status of running back Clinton Portis, saying he wants him to "test the market." Portis has a hefty contract for next season, so this isn't a good sign about his future in D.C. Shanahan also said that Albert Haynesworth remains a Redskin, but his future is uncertain.