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NFL Free Agency: Clinton Portis Likely To Be Released By Redskins

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We all knew the day was coming, but that doesn't mean we feel good about it. All signs point to the Washington Redskins releasing Clinton Portis, the team's second all-time leading rusher, within the next few days.

Speaking with the media from the NFL Combine yesterday, Mike Shanahan hinted to Mike Jones of the Washington Post that the only way Portis would be back with the team would be if he agreed to a smaller contract.

If we're not going to sign Clinton to that high salary, I'll let him test the market out. Not to say we don't want him, but for a lower price, and obviously we'll try to find the best deal. It could happen. I don't want to say right now. If I said that, usually I'm being pretty honest with you. Could be two days from now, could be three days from now.

Dominic Zaccagnini of the Fox Sports Radio Network also says that he spoke to Shanahan today and the coach plans for Portis to be released within the next 48 hours.

Fortunately for Portis, he's smart enough to know that "This is a business." In a conversation with Grant Paulsen of 106.7 The Fan earlier today, Portis indicated that he's ready to move on.

If it’s time to move on, I’ll do that. I’m appreciative of everything they’ve done for me. I had a good time and enjoyed myself ... I don’t think the Washington Redskins owe me anything. I enjoyed my time in DC and I think I made the most of my time here. If it’s the end of the road, I’m thankful for my time in Washington.