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Albert Haynesworth's Agent Denies His Client Committed Assault

Albert Haynesworth's agent has released a statement denying that his client committed assault in an alleged incident stemming from a road rage situation in Fairfax last Wednesday. Chad Speck sent out a release saying that Haynesworth will cooperate with authorities, but did not assault anyone.

Via Grant Paulsen of 106.7 The Fan:

"This man, who actually provoked the situation himself, recognized Albert and is now simply trying to turn it into his 15 minutes of fame and get, we can only assume, some money. Albert did not assault this man and looks forward to his day in court to refute these ridiculous allegations."    

The incident allegedly occurred at 9:16 a.m. on Wednesday morning. According to a Fairfax County police report, Haynesworth was tailgating a 38-year old man's Honda Civic in his truck. The man made a hand gesture to Haynesworth, before the two stopped at a red light. Both got out of the car, when Haynesworth allegedly struck the driver, who had gotten back into his car by this point.

Speck said that Haynesworth will turn himself in once he gets back into the area. The Redskins said they were "gathering information," but would have no further comment.