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Dan Snyder Said He Had 'No Choice' But To File Lawsuit Against Washington City Paper

Dan Snyder has made his first public comments since his decision to file a lawsuit against the Washington City Paper for libel and character defamation stemming from a November 18 cover story by Dave McKenna titled "The Cranky Redskins Fans' Guide To Dan Snyder." In an interview with reporters, Snyder said that he had "no choice" but to file the suit.

Via Rick Maese of the Washington Post

Snyder says he felt he had no choice but to file suit against WashCityPaper. "What's wrong is wrong," he says   

When asked why he decided to wait so long to file the suit, Snyder said he was holding out for an apology from McKenna. He did say that he at no point asked for McKenna to be fired. 

Snyder's primary objections of the article remain what he believes to be factual inaccuracies regarding him forging signatures while heading a telemarketing company and cutting down trees protected by federal land, a front-page depiction of him with devil horns doodles, which he feels is anti-Semitic, and a mocking depiction of his wife, a breast cancer survivor. Washington City Paper editor Michael Schaffer told SB Nation Radio earlier today that the claims are "typically ridiculous."