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2011 NFL Hall Of Fame: Voting Schedule And Announcement Time

Another Redskins player may be joining the Pro Football Hall of Fame this year. He'll find out later today.

Linebacker Chris Hanburger, who spent his entire career in Washington after being selected by the team in the 18th round of the 1965 NFL Draft, is eligible for selection to the NFL Hall of Fame as a senior candidate.

The voting has taken place, with the announcement of the elected members set for 7:00 PM on the NFL Network. The 44-person Selection Committee representing the Football Writers Association of America spent all day deliberating and debating over each of 17 finalists. There will be a minimum of four and maximum of seven players confirmed for the Hall of Fame, and a player must receive 80% of the vote to get in. If less than four of the modern-era candidates receive 80%, the top four vote-getters will be entering the Hall of Fame.

The five first-year candidates highlight the list of those eligible. Jerome Bettis, Marshall Faulk, Curtis Martin, Deion Sanders, and Willie Roaf could all be confirmed in their first year.

Hanburger is one of the two senior candidates nominated. The only way to have the maximum of seven players entering the Hall of Fame this year would be if both Hanburger and fellow senior candidate Les Richter received over 80% of the vote.