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Super Bowl XLV Is Over, Hopefully A Quiet Redskins Offseason Follows It

Super Bowl XLV is now in the books, with the Green Bay Packers defeating the Pittsburgh Steelers 31-25 on the strength of Super Bowl MVP Aaron Rodgers. That means the NFL offseason is here ... and yes, I know what you all are thinking.

It's the offseason, and it's time for the Washington Redskins to once again be the champions of drama! Right? It's probably inevitable, but I sure hope not.

Now, the truth is that there's no way the Redskins can overshadow the biggest NFL story in years: the labor negotiations and a possible lockout that could wipe away an entire season. Nothing can overshadow that. But assuming that all gets worked out (fingers crossed), let's hope the Redskins finally have some peace and quiet for once.

We've already gotten off to a bad start. Owner Dan Snyder decided to sue the small Washington City Paper, in a move that has been criticized (rightfully) by everyone. It's yet another example of the Redskins making headlines for all the wrong reasons, and it has an effect on the way a team plays the following year. 

From here, though, the Redskins have a chance at salvaging things if they elect to stay patient and not worry about making glitzy signings. They have a lot of cap space, to be sure (and even more if they elect to let Santana Moss go), but that money needs to be split among many smaller signings instead of one big signing. Those smaller signings may not make headlines like signing Albert Haynesworth or trading for Donovan McNabb will, but they are better for the team. 

The Green Bay Packers are proof that a strong organization, commitment to the draft, patience with player development and substantive player acquisitions are how you win in this league. The Redskins have had many chances to adopt those lessons from other teams. Here's hoping they finally adopt those lessons now and have as quiet and drama-free an offseason as possible. For once.

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