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2011 Super Bowl Commercials: 'Modern Family' Star Sofia Vergara Wears Redskins Clothing During NFL Ad



The Washington Redskins made a couple appearances during the 2011 crop of Super Bowl commercials As we noted yesterday, it was Joe Gibbs and Donovan McNabb leading the charge in a pre-game reading of the Declaration of Independence. That moment was awkward, to say the least.


The other big Redskins appearance in commercials, however, was much more of a surprise. The NFL ran an ad called "Best Fans Ever," which featured several television stars wearing team apparel. Who wore Redskins gear? None other than Sofia Vergara, one of the stars of the hit ABC sitcom 'Modern Family.' Vergara, who plays Jay's outspoken Colombian wife on the show, was caught wearing Redskins clothing in one of the many brief shots during the commercial.


Maybe the Redskins weren't as well-represented as, say, the Patriots, who were featured in multiple shots, but I'll accept that tradeoff if it means that Sofia Vergara is indeed a fan of the team.