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LaVar Arrington Defends Decision To Commandeer Dan Snyder Radio Interview

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Remember the strange 106.7 The Fan interview with Dan Snyder that was commandeered by show host LaVar Arrington so he could end his long-running feud with the Redskins' owner? Remember how frustrating it was for those fans who wanted to hear Snyder give answers to all the tough questions we all had towards him? 

Well, Arrington has finally shot back at his critics. In a Twitter rant earlier today, Arrington defended his decision to do what he did. 

I want to reiterate to u all my interview with Dan snyder was so you the fans could hear that I have no malice towards the team I loveless than a minute ago via web

But don't worry: that wasn't all Arrington said. Here's a full transcript of the series of tweets he sent out. 

I wanted him and you to know this that was my agenda did snider [sic.] have an agenda for coming on my show of course he did and what is was ... Doesn't matter what mattered was letting you hear it for yourself not behind closed doors. So for those that said I made it about myself ... U couldn't be more wrong I made it about u and that selfish moment I spoke of on the show yes that was my moment and as long as my name is ... The marquee name on that show I will reserve that right I've been called out of my name all weekend for making peace? Who r these people? ... Y do u waste your life away by putting so much hate in the world?whoever u r people are damed if they do or dnt with u so all I can do is ... Pray for u and move on I will not b a vehicle for your hidden agenda I will not be someone or something I'm not so that u can sit back ... And indulge in something that is not right!I'm ok with disagreements as long as there is respect within it otherwise I will blk u 

LaVar's thesis seems to be that fans were more interested that he ended his decade-long feud with Snyder than Synder talking about his lawsuit against the Washington City Paper and his general incompetence as an owner. Well, at least it seems like that's his point. I'll admit that it's slightly confusing. He did say the phrase "I made it about u" and followed it up with "the selfish moment ... was my moment." Does that mean that we are all LaVar Arrington clones? 

While you figure that one out, here is Arrington's 106.7 The Fan co-host Chad Dukes' thoughts on the matter.

Going to be an interesting day.less than a minute ago via web


Yes. Yes it will.