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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Scouting Report For Florida St. QB Christian Ponder

There is no question that the Redskins need a new quarterback. But there is some debate, however, as to whether or not they should spend their first round pick on one. One idea is to take a different player in the first round, and try to find a quarterback prospect later. One such prospect is Florida State's Christian Ponder. Here is a scouting report on him from Mocking The Draft.

I really like Christian Ponder as an NFL quarterback prospect.  He doesn’t have the physical attributes like others in this draft but he has a better feel for the game.  The things that will really hold him back are his arm strength and injury history.  But overall he has the accuracy, fundamentals, and anticipation to succeed as an NFL quarterback.  At this point I would only select Ryan Mallett and Blaine Gabbert ahead of Ponder and that is due to their upside.  Ponder is a 2nd or 3rd round talent that is more polished but possessing less potential.  However, he has the tools to be a successful quarterback in the NFL.

It will be a gamble to wait on ponder for a later round because he just had a very impressive senior bowl, and teams always seem to fall in love with quarterbacks. it wouldn't surprise me at all if some team decided that they absolutely had to have Ponder and traded up into the first round to make sure they got him. I just hope that team isn't the Redskins, because they can't afford to package any of their picks together.