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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Scouting Report For Delaware QB Pat Devlin

Every day we seem to be digging deeper and deeper into the quarterback lot, looking at players who will go later and later in the draft. Today, that trend continues, as we look at Delaware QB Pat Devlin. Here is an excerpt from Mocking The Draft's analysis of Devlin, and it doesn't sound so good.

Devlin possesses some good skills but the fact that he didn't dominate in division II brings some concerns.  He also struggled at the East/West shrine game which has negatively impacted his draft stock.  The biggest concern is his arm strength and whether or not he will be able to make the necessary throws in the NFL.  I didn't see anything that makes me believe that he can make those throws.  However, he has some potential as a game manager type quarterback.  Look for Devlin to be in the 4th or 5th round discussion.

It seems like Devlin has entered the Draft conversation because he has good size for the possession and excellent composure. But the fact that he can't make all of the throws is a huge concern. I'm not sure the Redskins, particularly Mike Shanahan, would be happy with a Chad Pennington type guy at quarterback moving forward. I'm sure they would want someone with a little bit of a stronger arm.

But composure is an important characteristic in an NFL quarterback, so Devlin should definitely be looked at in the later rounds of the upcoming draft.