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NFL Moves Kickoffs To 35-Yard Line, Brandon Banks' Impact Immediately Diminished

Adam Schefter is reporting that the NFL has agreed to move kickoffs from the 30-yard line to the 35, which figures to increase the amount of touchbacks, and reduce the chances that the receiving team can create a big return.

This should reduce the impact that kick returners can have on the game, and there are some extremely talented players in the NFL that make their greatest contributions in that area. Devin Hester of the Bears and Josh Cribbs of the Browns are probably the most famous, but the Redskins have a pretty good returner of their own, and his value to the team might have just dropped.


Brandon Banks returned 43 kicks for the 'Skins last year in 13 games and averaged over 25 yards per return. He had 34 returns that were over 20 yards, or further than the Redskins would get it on a touch back. Banks also helped out on punt returns, but didn't make a huge impact on the offensive side of the ball (just two catches for 10 yards). Now that the kick returns have become less important, banks might become less important to the Redskins as well.


Personally, I don't like the rule. I think kick returns are the most exciting plays in the game when a team cab break one. And this makes it much less likely. What do you think?