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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Will The Redskins Target A QB In The Second Round?

I'm running out of creative ways to say that the Redskins need a quarterback. I know it, you know it, I assume that Mike Shanahan knows it, and the guys at our NFL draft blog Mocking the Draft certainly know it. So when they came out with their latest second round Mock Draft projection, they had the Redskins taking TCU QB Andy Dalton. Here is their rationale.

Washington is in a tough position because they need to figure out if they have to trade up to get their targeted quarterback. The Redskins could make a move in either round 1 or 2 but they need to select a quarterback somewhere early.

I like this plan a lot better than maybe reaching for a quarterback with their first round pick, I'm just not totally sold on Dalton. He is a winner, but I don't know that his athleticism or arm strength will be good enough for an NFL QB. Unfortunately, the second round quarterback that has performed the best so far in this process, Christian Ponder of Florida St., goes just a few picks earlier. Maybe in the actual draft, he'll still be around.