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Washington D.C. Bar To Hold Anti-Dan Snyder Benefit Friday

Lest you forget, Dan Snyder is still moving forward with a lawsuit against the Washington City Paper. This has angered a lot of people around town, including me, if we're being honest. But I think you'd be hard-pressed to find anyone angrier than Bill Duggan, the owner of the famed Madam's Organ bar in Adams Morgan. 

Duggan is so mad at the Redskins' owners' lawsuit that he is planning a whole night of ... well, it's tough to tell exactly what you'd call this. More details below the jump (and a fair warning: the language is PG-13).

Perhaps the best way to describe it is a public "calling out" of sorts. Here's the quote Duggan gave to TBD that spurred it:

"The guy's just such a pencil dick, I think he should be called out," Duggan says.     

If you're going to use that phrase, you use it in that way. Bravo, Bill. Anyway, the event will happen this Friday, April 1, from 7-10 p.m., and it will feature the following:

  • A four-foot custom Snyder piñata, on which patrons will be encouraged to "express your love for Danny boy." 
  • An "anatomically correct" nude Snyder cake that ... well, I think you know what this means.
  • A silent auction, featuring giveaways such as an autographed Sonny Jurgensen football, a five-day pass to Costa Rica, tickets, and more.
  • A $100 prize to whoever has the best Dan Snyder as a cheerleader outfit.
All the proceeds for the event will be donated to the City Paper's legal defense fund. I have no words. Here's the flyer.