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NFL Lockout News: Unexpected Progress Made On Wednesday, But Lockout Still Looms

The current Collective Bargaining Agreement is set to expire today, and even though the two sides have been meeting to try and avoid that conclusion, it is starting to look inevitable.

The two sides met yesterday, and according to reports, that session went "better than expected", but that doesn't mean an agreement can be reached before the deadline.

That said, Don Banks of tweeted that a source tells him Wednesday's meeting between the NFL and NFLPA -- which included several owners and active players -- went "better than expected". Unfortunately for fans who want football, this could just as easily mean, 'We were 100 miles apart and now we're just 99 miles apart.'

The two sides will meet again on Thursday, presumably up to the deadline if possible, to try and reach an agreement. But there isn't anyone who is expecting them to be able to come to terms before the deadline passes, and the Players are locked out. But that doesn't mean that we will be losing a season already. The two sides can come to an agreement at any point between the expiration of the CBA and the beginning of the Season.