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NFL Lockout News: Comissioner Roger Goodell Puts A Gag Order On NFL Owners

The NFL Owners and Players are meeting again on Thursday in the hopes of coming to an agreement on a new CBA before the current one expires at midnight tonight. It's going to know exactly how close the two sides are to reaching said agreement, because Roger Goodell has put a gag order on the owners.

They may not be talking publicly but the owners are talking to each other. After Wednesday's mediation session with the NFLPA, owners met in a hotel outside Washington D.C. Following that meeting, some owners left while the NFL Management Council remained for more meetings.

The thing that bothers me most about this whole situation is the lack of a sense of urgency that the owners seem to be operating with. Nine of the League's 32 owners were present at the negotiations on Wednesday, and that was considered a "large contingent." You would think that the potential lockout of the NFL would be more important to them, but apparently not. The NFL is such a big deal for the fans and presumably the players, I just wish it was more important to the owners than it seems to be.