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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Will The Redskins Take A Chance On Jake Locker?

We're getting closer and closer to the NFL Draft in April, and the Mock Drafts are pouring in faster than ever. Evan Silva just posted his latest at Pro Football Talk, and he has the Redskins taking Washington QB Jake Locker in the first round. Here is his rationale.

Rex Grossman is a free agent, and Donovan McNabb won’t see a dime of his $10 million roster bonus after flopping in his first year under Mike Shanahan. Shanahan’s system requires an athletic quarterback, and Locker is at his best throwing outside the pocket.  He could “develop” for a year behind Grossman.

First off, I don't like that the word "develop" is in question marks. I'm not really sure what that's all about.

But about the actual pick: I agree that Locker is a great fit for Shanahan's offense and an interesting developmental prospect, but I don't think the Redskins can afford to take him this highly after the season he just had. I like taking a chance on Locker, just maybe with the second round pick if he happens to still be available.